High-Performance Features

The power of having an unprecedented reach specifically for the safety of our loved ones and ourselves is why we created this application.

Custom Voice Activation

Users can create their own SAFE4R word or phrase to quickly launch the app without having to search for it.

Customized Emergency Call Out Button

Users can program in their specific countries Emergency 911 Number to reach and activate law enforcement

Missing Person Reporting

Missing Persons / Abduction Reporting: Our countries Amber Alert is a powerful tool but lacks numerous attributes that we feel could help in the locating and retrieval of people reported missing or abducted. SAFE4R has one of the most robust engines ever created for this purpose

Neighborhood Watch

Keeping our neighbors informed of things we see that are out of the ordinary is an important feature in the SAFE4R app.

Mental Health

Often times people are hesitant to seek mental health help due to issues of privacy. SAFE4R users have access to mental health professionals 24 hours a day / 7 day a week. This feature is available in numerous countries and language

Safety Net

All users are tied together globally in the application.


Users do not have Followers and Friends they have Witnesses.

Witness Notifications

When a SAFE4R Alert is activated, all of the user’s Witnesses get a Notification and can View and Chat on the Live Video Feed of what's going on. Witnesses that are within 1500 feet of the user will also get turn by turn directions to get to the user quickly.

Black Out

When a user launches their SAFE4R Alert they can double tap their screen at any time and the screen will go dark. Though the device appears to be turned off all of the amazing features are still active Live screen can be reignited by double clicking the screen a second time Buddy is auto muted and hidden when Black Out is initiated User can toggle Live View and Blackout screen manually

Cloud Recording

All Video and Geo Movements are real time recorded to the cloud and available for the user to retrieve and review.

Deletion Protection

Users are NOT able to delete cloud recordings. This is in case they are being forced to remove the recordings. Deletions must be requested.

Safety Net Silent Alert Dispatch System

Once a user activates their SAFE4R Alert, EVERY opted-in user in the Safety Net within a 1500 feet proximity will be Notified and can immediately reach and be a witness for that user. Safety Net users will be able to get to the User immediately to be a Witness. Safety Net users will be able to View the Profile Image of the Alerting User to verify who is in trouble.

Movement Stop Detection

Once SAFE4R is activated it automatically begins recording the user's movement to the cloud and detects and marks any stop that lasts for more than 1 minute.

Street View

When reviewing the recorded movement, view perspectives can be zoomed all the way down to Google Street View.

Wellness Check

After a user has activated and disconnected their SAFE4R Alert, the users Buddy must verify a Wellness Check to assure the user is okay. If the Buddy is unable to verify Wellness, the Buddy is able to request the event recordings to be sent to them.


User can select up to three Witnesses to be their Buddy Buddies can appear in a Video-In-Video to actually be with the user during any Alert Activation. Buddies get GEO Location of users location ONLY when the SAFE4R Alert has been activated. Buddies get Turn by Turn driving directions to get to the User immediately Buddies will get a “Wellness Check” follow up from SAFE4R to assure the user is ok.

Dyanmic Address Tracking During Emergency

When a user activates their SAFE4R Alert, the system will automatically find the nearest address to them to provide to their Buddies, Appropriate Witnesses and the Safety Net when applicable.

Multiple Languages

Since SAFE4R is a Global Protection Application, we have now added 20 additional languages to the application and more are coming soon.